At Scentix Oy, we have a deep appreciation for the power of scents. We believe that fragrances have the ability to boost confidence and bring happiness to our daily lives. However, we also understand that purchasing perfumes can be expensive, and finding the right scent can be a challenge.

That's why we were inspired by subscription-based perfume services. We loved the idea of being able to try new scents every month based on our scent profile. However, we found that the two best services were based in America, which meant dealing with customs every month. We also discovered that one of these services had poor customer service, while the other services in the EU had limited options.

This led us to ask ourselves, what if we started our subscription-based service? We wanted to implement all the best features from other services and add our twist to offer a better experience for our subscribers. And voilà , Scentix Oy was born.

We are passionate about scents, and we believe that everyone deserves to experience the joy and confidence that comes with finding the perfect fragrance. Join us at Scentix Oy, and let us help you discover your signature scent.

Over 700 designer scents at your finger tips.

On hajuvesien tilauspalvelu, joka tarjoaa asiakkailleen kuukausittain valitsemansa hajuveden. Ensimmäisen pullon mukana tulee ilmainen ja TÄYSIN PERUSTEETTU sumutinkotelo! Mukauta sumuttimen koteloa nimelläsi, nimikirjaimillasi tai mukautetulla viestillä. Aiomme tarjota asiakkaalle henkilökohtaisen tietokilpailun, joka auttaa heitä löytämään hajumieltymyksensä ja yhdistämään ne johtavien tuotemerkkien, kuten Paco Rabannen, Chanelin ja Tom Fordin, parhaiden hajuvesien kanssa. Tavoitteenamme on tarjota asiakkaillemme henkilökohtainen ja unohtumaton kokemus, jonka avulla he voivat kokeilla uusia hajuvesiä kuukausittain rikkomatta pankkia tai sitoutumatta yhteen tuoksuun. Haluamme auttaa asiakkaitamme löytämään uusia hajuvesiä ja ilmaisemaan ainutlaatuisuuttaan hajuvesivalikoiman kautta.

Our goal.

Is to provide our customers with a personalized and unforgettable experience, allowing them to try new perfumes every month without breaking the bank or committing to a single smell. We want to assist our customers in discovering new perfumes and expressing their uniqueness through their perfume selections.

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Scentix Oy or ( is an independent entity. We rebottle and repackage genuine fragrances without any association from the brand or designer.